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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is special about BrainBrix?

The puzzles are available in many different variations, so that there are always new challenges. Currently we offer with the different groups, field shapes and labels of the Brix over 100 different types of exercises. When BrainBrix was invented? The first idea to create something like BrainBrix was born in November 2011. In December, we created the first exercises by hand and organized a few test sessions with volunteers. The first puzzles contained only a few groups (maximum of 6). The whole thing was not particularly exciting. It was a new type of exercises among many, as we developed in the last 10 years. We discovered the potential and the great diversity at the end of the year 2012.

BrainBrix is a variant of Sudoku?

The rules of BrainBrix differ significantly from Sudoku. In the classic Sudoku and variants of the rows and columns are always observed. In BrainBrix play the rows, columns or diagonals do not matter. There, the groups (for example the honeycomb or diamond), and their overlays are observed.

What is your personal favorite type of BrainBrix puzzles?

From the optical perspective, I personally like the smiley and the heart field very much. I am always surprised how difficult it could be to solve some of the field with the star groups. Do you have more questions about BrainBrix?

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